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Message Subject Cern lab goes 'colder than space'
Poster Handle Fire the Grid-Ne8x8x8us ?
Post Content
however you look at it, it seems it may create a magnetic lenseflare or something for the olympics, they are trying to open an infinity time loop I think; like at the end of the newest Star Trek Series ... (Enterprise)

Where there was an alternative wwII scenario, and the germans were in league with the Rigelians; let's play 'flash the ets'.

Et's will definitely know we are awake, perhaps even 'time wave lords'.

I don't think you can create an infinity time loop within lower dimensional (epsilon) space, I think it potentially could offset the rotational orbit of the planet & magnetic north / south ?

I think the collider might offset tidal & centrifigual force; if turned up high enough - if there are other forces operating on our solar system - perhaps beyond our understanding, related to galactic crossing / zenith horizon.

I had some really weird strange visions / sense about it.

sorta heading into no mans land, could just be nostalagic hypnogogic retro-future memory or delusional sickness.

the thing is, the time loop already been created/completed; so hopefully - the whole thing is being monitored by not only our own scientists ..

but if there are ET's, them as well. hopefully worst fears & worst case scenarios won't become manifest.

Hadron = Hades perhaps (heed, run ....) ?

Higgs Boson, supersymmetry or not; I dunno - perhaps this will part of a forced lift to the quarantine...

hold on tight, and be prepared for the twilight zone I guess.

Trying to find alternatives to worst case scenarios since 1995 (we do not discriminate against the mentally ill or taking a look at prophecies from varying traditions or apocryphal teachings)

Epoch / Apocryphal - Epoch Refill - Epoch Cry Foul ??
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