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Message Subject Cern lab goes 'colder than space'
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
" The machine's cool-down should take another two weeks to complete, provided no serious problems are found. Electrical testing of the magnets may take another couple of weeks.

Before the LHC is "switched on" for the first time, the proton beams have to be boosted to high energies in a chain of particle accelerators called the injectors.

Once the machine is cold, operators will inject beams into the main ring, threading them through each independent sector of the LHC until they close the circle. "

Another month or so to go.. woot.

Tell ya one thing.. if there was such a thing as aliens flying around earth, they likely would be getting pretty anxious about what's goin on down here heh. Or at least watching closely to make sure we dont rip the universe in two or some such glp like nonsense

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