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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
It already went haywire last yr...about this time---do you really think Hawkings was sitting here dreaming of twiddling his thumbs-he has already lasted far longer than they originally thought he would

The great singularity ...The Looking Glass...Eidolon AI...and Skynet was deployed last yr...even my teen thinks it is terminator movie and nothing more...

The "B.E.A.S.T. system has been active for many years...DARPA is real, very real...and loads of resources...

for the last 60 yrs they have been working on CONtrolling man-with electronics...EMF...and that is about as cooked as a goose can get...before it is charcoal

with Dr Jose Delgado...and many Projects where trillions have been funneled....TRILLIONS and TRILLIONS

The problem last time was the failure of the magnets to stay cool-big problem...as if the magnets can not stay cool and the system over rides in any way...the light beams would potentially continue t accelerate and further compromises in the system could exacerbate it exponentially leading to an inability to contain a singlet or a black hole...and if one can not contain it(let alone why anyone would be stupid enough to think they can control nature and they have yet to prevent EQS or stop Hurricanes...supposedly)

I think they are playing with fire but it is beyond their understanding as imho they have already created several conflicting timelines and rifts in the dimensional overlays of the grids in different dimensions-they could allow other multi dimensional beings through...and so much more-the fact that they have Shiva in front of CERN tells me what I already know-and there is no way I would lay that all out-as it is too many are intimidated by the info-as they can check within if I speak true or if I am wearing a mask...it will be known...by most who are earnest and sincere-

They keep trying to make it work for them-like a HEXE/witch("to bend"), a warlock/wizard..sorcerer...

it is all sci fi to most...but soon enough they will only wish that it was sci fi...

Many have deluded themselves thinking all their movies, music, and 'sci fi' is all hollywood..."holly" wood, the same wood Merlin used for his best wand...time to awaken, Alic has gone down the rabbit hole and hopefully she will be more fortunate than the guys from the Philadelphia Experiment...

Take care hf
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