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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Oh and after the trouble with the cooling magnets...they supposedly shut down last yr and everyone went home...to start up again in October...maybe close to the time of the Moon ...'impact'...You BET...just like microbiologists and astrophysicists go to college for 20 yrs and then decide to commit suicide...everyday...uh huh...sure...


the new "joke"...

Project Blue Brain...

They have already approved RFID for diabetics...Verizon and Digital Angel...TRUTH...the technology is already overtaking our ability to understand it or control it...that is why they are working to control us now...Terminator is closer to real than I even care to C...but I C it for some...a split in consciousness is coming...those who overcome will OVERCOME and the others...will not be human anymore...sadly-they will trust the MACHINE over the Most High

I do not agree with it but I have a sister-younger who specifically wanted a boy child...and she has him now-designer babies are real...already but not perfected...

[link to www.engadget.com]

when CERN isn't colliding particles (and ripping massive holes in the space-time continuum), it's busy working on a new "internet" which will be 10,000 times faster than our current version. The project -- known as "the grid" -- is built atop completely fiber optic networks, and utilizes modern routing centers. By keeping traffic out of our current phone and data systems, the researchers have been able to achieve speeds heretofore unseen on previous networks. The system connects from CERN to 11 centers around the globe, and will be switched on when the Large Hadron Collider is activated, on what the group is calling "Red Button Day." Project heads believe a network with this speed will lead to all sorts of futuristic innovations -- like true cloud computing, holographic video conferencing, and really, really fast pirating of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series

(Oh I feel so much better now...)

That much copper and the juice they are pushing through there and the amount of resources they have pulled from even underwater welders...well, it is incredible...

SUper solenoid...a super STEP UP TRANSFORMER and all kinds of strangeness is going on...

Fiber Optics...Morgellons nanoparticles...GMO/GE/FRANKENFOODS-Sterile and TRANSGENIC...

with the singularity and AI...conscious AI...

We have arrived...

[link to www.physics.ohio-state.edu]

data streams...bigger, faster, more powerful...and with the millions/billions put into the electronic medical records with financial and legal...and level one receives in society...

Core system snitching makes him refer to HAL 9000 driven to "madness"

And later when this "joke" ends up being real...what then and HAL wants to shut off your rfid chip???

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