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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Dimensional entities could conceivably need bodies-whether they are RFID controlled, damaged by chemicals, or whether they are electronically controlled with combined scientific capabilities

The other option is cloned bodies-as I am of the mind they may not be occupied by a soul at creation...so that would make that another option-why are these breeding experiments many hear about or experience

I suggest it is like the TOWER of BABYLON...as the other towers disintegrated in under an hour-so I suspect there are those who are just too titillated with dark matter-and want to revel in it-like some bad sci fi movie, where the evil magician or sorcerer gets the gate or the stone or the elixir that transforms all kinds of stuff...

rather creepy to me...arrogant is an understatement-who are these CRETANS that they think they can do whatever they dream up???

How about something more worthwhile-tangible to all of us right now that is not an EXPERIMENT?

HOW ABOUT THAT, or is that just too mundane-since they fail so easily in so many areas try something guaranteed to have untold consequences

If we were trying to avoid extinction then gun ho do something extreme or radical if you have no other options but to do this on a whim-and that is what it is-is insane-

Know them by their fruits-are they ending war???

Have they cured all disease???

No but kinetic bombs sent into space and attempting to re create the big bang...one of their many theories...smacks of men playing god, or gods, fallen playing man

It will reveal gods warring with gods and man will come up short for the most part.

Watch and see...gods warring is much more intense than man, even on his best day


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