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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
The program wanted to scare us in that old Armageddon-science style: nuclear fission A bombs that would ignite the atmosphere; nuclear fusion H bombs that would ignite the atmosphere; pulsars that send warnings; nuclear winter; global warming; planet consuming black holes created in Long Island's RHIC particle accelerator; planet consuming black holes created in Europe's CERN large hadron collider -

a facility so powerful and secure that days before the collider was scheduled to be operational, a bunch of Greek kids hacked into its computers and left a taunting message - (which really is scary); and now Nanotechology, the real villain of SciQ's expos about Henrik Schon.

In the event that we had missed it, the narrator punched up the significance of malignant grey goo in lines deleted from the U.S. script.

"So great is this fear of the grey goo that eminent figures around the world such as Prince Charles have raised concerns about it.. The British Government have asked the Royal Society to investigate nanotechnology."

That settled it. We were in trouble. Or, actually, we would have been in trouble if...

the RABBIT hole HERE IS VERY DeeP...seriously DeeP...

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