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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Like so many before

like others of lesser regard...and few seem to notice

By its title, the program, a British production that was edited for U.S. viewing, suggested that it would examine some unknown, mysterious facts about Schon, a once and probably not future physics' wunderkind.

Curiously, the program opened with a bold, declarative sentence. "This is the story of the man behind the most remarkable discovery."

Yet the script writer found this statement to be sufficiently ambiguous to reveal subsequently that Schon had made no such remarkable discovery.

He only seemed to have made it which, evidently, was fortunate since the discovery "could wipe us out and cause complete extinction."


if one but RESEARCHES

where did he go???


so he was discredited and now where is he....having a Doctorate in physics and such shaming...hmmmm

I wonder if he knew Joseph B Moeshe...

Human life had cause to be disappointed in this result. The narrator had an opinion: "Nanobots were created to be like life. To be able to reproduce to serve our needs." These nanobots just did not know how to keep their place. (The Brits are particularly touchy about things like this.) "The machines began to change, and as they changed we found that we could not control them. They began to take on a life of their own" Uh, oh. Trouble in Nanoland.

Someone speculated that uncontrolled trillions of nanobots could constitute, "a non-biological cancer that could just eat up, you know, the natural world. That's the so-called grey goo problem."

In the event that we had missed it, the narrator punched up the significance of malignant grey goo in lines deleted from the U.S. script. "So great is this fear of the grey goo that eminent figures around the world such as Prince Charles have raised concerns about it.. The British Government have asked the Royal Society to investigate nanotechnology."

so much for the inquisitive ones eh?

nanos was his forte and he just talks about grey goo and then...like Cellini had worked some stage magic...
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