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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

concerned for the Frankensteinian scientists are playing with FIRE, as in ring of fire and throughout the world

volcanoes/EQs, super cell storms,

with the weather modifications(that I consider illegal) and all the electronic noise-seems like it cages mens minds

I see it as a rip in the fabric of time or several-that they may cause

Black holes or STRANGELETS are not a walk in the theoretical park

It is my understanding that Hawkings Radiation should solve the problems if they happen-ACCORDING TO THE THEORY

Hawkings Radiation dispersing black holes or strangelets is a bit presumptious to me-and extremely arrogant

and I am sure the 'scientists' will figure that out soon enough

Why did we have so many world class biologists, genome scientists, specialists in armaments/weapons,germs, disease, blood specialists...war weapon specialists....

The weather anomalies can also be caused by time jumping or trying to timeslip, and with these things come intense weather as it sets up alternate timelines with greater resonance or lesser resonance to the timeline inhabited

like extra ripples in a pond...some waves can cancel each other out or some can even add to other...enhancing it
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