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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I am curious about something...

I am overly curious and try to restrict the curious cat syndrome...as after nine lives what does one have as backup...

I have been thinking about the vortex spiral in Norway...so while observing it I see the blue colors but it is not only as outline...and I thought project bluebeam is quite real but not seeing definitive bluebeam in action and have very little to compare it too.

So that is a possibility

Also the fact that Cern is claiming success right before this happened by a few hours even...well that announcement that LHC state they could open a wormhole is quite a statement...and likely made because they knew they had...

about says it all-they rarely mentioned this before if at all-a few scientists there were more forthcoming but most hedged considerably relative to what this announcement states.

The other the good aliens theme explanation I am not buying into

as far as bad aliens...more likely or aliens hosted by humans is another possibility

Spirals designate serpentine energy

That has various aspects: from the healing whether it be in modern medicine or the serpent Moses afixed to his staff...from the Nagas of India to the snake/people/alien statues from Tepe in Turkey and that general area...to the myths and legends of times long past...

This is heavy stuff no matter how you look at it or regardless of what it proves to be...or indicate...IT IS VERY HEAVY


Take care hf
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