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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
LHC is the type of technology that could be the end of us all..

When they mention "possible" black holes or "possible" doors to another dimension, that shit is scary
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 838573

There is NO DOUBT in my mind this ties in with "last days"(as we know them/time locks in place)

It also ties in with The LOOKING GLASS technology that is hand and hand with Philadelphia experiment and the USS Eldridge and the dates we are converging on...

They have created rifts

They are violent

Each additional excursion into those areas creates further rifts with more violent juxtapositioning of many TIMELINES...this comes from the folding of time space...

with incursions outside what unfolds naturally...and we are not the first to play with FIRE and Prometheus was not either...

Other dimensions are real and we have been somewhat protected COMPARED TO THE NEXT FEW YEARS...imho

What steps through what has already stepped through and what will step through are vile from my POV...once that and the AI system is brought totally together and man is chipped like cattle-they will tie man in like a hardware-and he shall be as controlled as any machines

This is a travesty against the world

I am not against technology but when it is a handful shooting a crap shoot with the lives on the planet and the planets consciousness and all the creatures therein-I find it obscene to my sense of principle or ethics

This is not understood nor is there ANY MASTERY regardless of over 50 yrs of research and scientific THEORY has gone into it-there is NO MASTERY they have

They have admitted as much...and dealing with matter and antimatter at the levels of power they are hitting...and the constant disruptions with geomagnetics...as magnetics is what they would use to try and contain an anomaly...

strangelets are even more egregious and possible

they change all matter they contact....so about those containment fields??? How is that going to work...or the fact that EQs were at an all time high even last year over all recorded records...with their HAARP and resonance constantly gonging the planet...how does harmonics figure into all that...as harmonics and resonance do affect magnetics...

Clearly they think themselves greater than all others...clearly

Take care hf
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