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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Cern Concerned - First Proton Smash In Hadron Collider Sounded Like 'Zzzzt', Says Scientist.

Cern, Europe: Scientists were left scratching their heads last night following the discovery that the first protons to be successfully collided in the billion dollar Hadron Collider sounded like a 'Zzzzt', and not like a 'Pop!' as many had expected.

Speaking shortly after the discovery, scientist Bossof Magunigan IV, told this web site:

"Yes, 'Zzzzt' was a complete surprise. It sounded like a startled bee."

Experts had compiled a top five possible sounds that a high speed proton collided in the Hadron Collider would make, but zzzzt didn't even make it into that.
"It is too soon to say that the Big Bang sounded like a Zzzzzt, but it's also true that there is no evidence so far that it sounded like a bang either. There is billions of dollars worth of work still to be done."
The top five was:
1 Pop!
2 Icky icky ick
3 Shazam
4 Ppppp...p

#2 has to be my favorite, then #5

Icky icky ick - - - - - -BANG!
 Quoting: BatBoy




freemasons are into the symbolism...

exterminati/illuminati has long been infiltrated

but not the Illuminare

I had read about this also...and when I first read it for some reason...I smiled...


the elite of the worlds scientists shut down by a piece of bread...or magnetics failing...pretty scary overall

Glad I do not place my faith in them.
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