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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
don't post anything normal here you will surely be chased down-keep it bizarre and incoherent ;)

There's lots of posters keeping it "bizarre & incoherent" - they're here to entertain us > > > > > > aren't they? !!!
I would always welcome them into my "unstable realm".
it is the sign of the times...normal is not even recognized nowadays.

I think it is recognized, only the definition is modified every few picoseconds to fit into and validate whatever "science" those controlling the system are subscribing to at the time.

There's LOTS of undiscovered sub particles. One is the "B" quark - created when Hawking's theories fail to adequately (entirely) fail to deal with the new matter created. B is short for "BatBoy", created from decay to overwhelm. That's gotta be bizarre enough to keep us both in GLP's graces, even with our infraction's of using that > > > > > "word". Hey mod's I used "unstable" too!!

I will check my magic 8 ball and see what it is you need...lol

Wow I didn't even suspect you had one of those - I thought they were Aunty Nikki's area of expertise! Nikki - I KNOW Santa's real also!

Shadowdancer: I bought that book 7 yrs ago in hardcover so it could bean me on the melon last night. wave

I'll be back later.
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