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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Shadowdancer, I don't offend you or anyone else for that matter by attempting to apply a humorous twist at times, eh ?
It's really my attempting to deal with the unknown. Done it my whole life - if not I'd probably EXPLODE. Please be honest - not that you wouldn't, but it's relevant to me.
Anyway about 9teen47's 666 vid, at the end when disassembling their logo and rotating the 6's, each one is rotated a different amount. Is there some (any ?) relation between these amount's (summed, sq'd, cubed, whatever, lots of possibilities) and numerical sequences (Fibonacci, golden R, musical - again lots of possibles). See why my brain was mush. I grabbed logo's from their site and cannot determine which circular portion and tangential arm belong to what 6. Is there a sculpture or something that would have the 6's in raised or lowered relief to each other from which this could be determined ? A well lit high res photo (pref film neg) should do also.
Better yet, what do you think about it? Hold water or turn into a colander?
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