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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
The more I have studied the pictures and video of the Norway spiral the more I think they have opened a portal

I have looked at it for a while and it seems as thought there are 2 spirals and if one inspects the center very closely it appears almost like a snake biting it's tail. The ourobouros and also the activation we are seeing of Kundalini energy-serpentine energy is involved in many things...

With the CME from Sol recently-tied into it as well...and the 'quickening' many are noticing....

I know in 2011 we are really coming into changes...beyond the scope of many

Alchemical workings...some think they are literal...but transformational KEYS are hidden from many.

I cannot say Cern was definitively operating the spiral...nor can I say whether it is positive or negative at this time...but something greater than lightshow was at work...


Interdimensional portal would not be a leap upon inspection of all the data I can access(which is never enough)-a positive and a negative conjoining singularly....in the black hole center...


I am curious how the rest of this month plays out...as I have a feeling of angst-many are going through it and the signs abound to warrant it.

Take care and WATCH

Prophetic times indeed. hf



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