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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Early in human history, people thought that all matter was composed of 4 main elements: Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. This was a very simplistic viepoint, but it had the advantage of employing a simple classification scheme. As science evolved, though, people realized that this was not the case, but rather that all matter was composed of many elements, not just four. However, a system to categorize the elements was created: Mendeleev's periodic table. A great advantage of this classification scheme was its ability to predict the existence and properties of several previously unknown elements.

Eventually, the substructure of elements was discovered, somewhat simplifying the model of matter. In 1897, Thompson discovered the electron while Rutherford discovered the nucleus in 1911 in his famous gold foil experiment.


The Standard Model (SM) predicts that neutrinos should be massless. However, recent developments have found neutrino oscillations, indicating that neutrinos have mass. The SM can be adjusted to include the masses, but it should include them with no changes needed.

In fact, the SM doesn't predict any of the masses of any particle. A good model should predict the masses of all the particles and not simply their existence.

Another problem with the SM is dark matter. Dark matter is supposed to be a particle. Regardless of the properties of this exotic particle, it should be included in the Standard Model of Particle Physics, but it isn't.

Interesting how few really want to discuss it with all the threads popping up about Cern and Spirals aka NORWAY(golden spiral)...and portals and stargates...too many discount the real as sci fi and many intimidated by the material-as we are but a groups of atoms...adams

I think that portends that I have too many points, quite salient that those in the know are paid to keep quiet about...Best to not bump certain facts lest the lemmings really understand what is up and what is coming through

Trying to control the world through fear based in ignorance-while the bad boys with incredible toys run amok...easier than challenging the "experts" eh???

I understand that I really do...but one cannot live under fear and expect to live and to know oneself...sooner or later one must venture forth and it is better to do it on ones own terms...and that is the reason for this thread and so many I do-while some laugh haughtily-jealousies abound

Distractions and diversions, deceptions laid out like crystal before dinner...

set to snare

Nets, Webs as a venus fly trap~~~

The lack of yellow flag speaks for itself...

Some significant shifts are happening this month...MAJOR

and the next yr will be EVEN more radical than this one...

Many earth changes ahead-be aware-all paths may change...along the way and esoteric awareness shall increase as contacts continue/some for the good and many lured into a false sense of safety regarding the hidden hands that try to increase control

RFID is my main concern as I have little I can do to reign in Cern

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