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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
traversable wormholes???


distorting not only space but TIME????

gOOd TiMe* for all

gOOd tI*eS

Ed of Coral Castle is said to have used a MAGNETIC motor to move the blocks and likely utilizing a component to neutralize gravity...even having steel weighted shoe wts made specially for him...

hmmmm, gravity being the weakest force...and then also tales of "singing" but it could easily of been harmonics...the walls of Jericho have been proven to have collapsed-the archeology is clear enough-just many cannot accept the story

So in Cern we see fantastically large plate of copper....Hmmmmm

What if they open up many wormholes and many dimensional entities present...

as they will...

errant children will do all kinds of troubling things to get attention but is this the wisest way to do it??? Sending kinetic bombs around the universe...acting like we are supermen...and failing so easily at the simplest jobs to protect the earth and the people...but over reaching as far as they are allowed...

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