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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
nice picture of particles...elementary

[link to physics.uoregon.edu]

When Penzias and Wilson examined their signal of static, they discovered all of the following

* the signal was unchanged with direction
* the signal was unchanged with time
* pigeon droppings added to the signal
I've re-read their abstract and can't find a reference to the poop addingto the anomalous signal. They were systematically eliminating variables in order to account for it. 3.5 deg K was the unknown qty,>10x their largest known system error which was the "no signal"detector termination.
Just two (very bright) guys on a hill in NJ scratchin their heads & sweepin poop.
They collaborated very closely with Dicke & his team whom I believe Alpher was the mathematical horsepower behind it.
Kind of the undoing in a way, by giving the theoretical guys another shot in the arm, so to speak. Now we've got 'em wanting to create stuff that is based on quantum fringes.Don't even get me started on the "standard model" because their isn't one!

The references in paper below are a who's who of 20th century science.

[link to articles.adsabs.harvard.edu]

If a piece of bread was able to shut down the LHC before this last accelerator EXERCISE and if pigeon dropping added to the signal in Penzias and Wilso...static studies...well what makes anyone think playing with MEGA voltage....and MEGA magnetics....all will stay the same???

It will not and IT CAN NOT.

Just the copper they have wound around their portal in their device...would generate electrical charge and some HEAVY magnetics...

They are using liquid helium and liquid nitrogen to cool the BEAMS

that is HOW MUCH HEAT IS BEING GENERATED and they still have malfunctions with coolant devices...many

Now they are fine tuning their portal generator some more...so many bells and whistles-lots of QA...

Particle physics...and diagram found there...
[link to www.pha.jhu.edu]
 Quoting: ShadowDancer

All of this is mans sinful nature attempting to be the most high GOD.(not like but to be GOD)Soon enough he will see his folly.
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