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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Doubt any middle school or elementary school will ever be so lucky-it seems they are demanding in Tx via board of education that all books prior to 1997 be destroyed-NOT RESOLD or given to charity-I have noticed more clearing of older books as well...history books...destroyed...eh???

All the scientists, astrophysicists, molecular experts, blood experts, pathogen and infective problems...so many dying the last few years PREmAtuRely

seems rather odd in light of so many other factors-striking

I remember being in school so long ago-and I was always disappointed in the paltry science classes-

and so many resources that could be easily applied-even all my kids loved science-and were not encouraged in the field the way they should be-luckily I have a big interest and they were able to still learn.
With the shortages in this country of people with a mathematics or science background and the supposed inability to interest the younger ones-I dispute that

Tray and find a chemistry set...good luck...and the ones out there-I can pull a better one together from my kitchen then what they sell compared to 40 yrs ago...NO COMPARISON

and they blame the kids or the parents...same old swag...dirt covered.

Take care BB hf

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