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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle stargazer
Post Content
All the scientists, astrophysicists, molecular experts, blood experts, pathogen and infective problems...so many dying the last few years PREmAtuRely

 Quoting: ShadowDancer

i also cant believe how Dr. Royal Raymond Rife and Wilhelm Reich's discoveries regarding cures for diseases such as cancer, an Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst have been rejected by the public. Rife frequencies and orgone are a medical breakthough and yet the health sector dont even bother to look into it.

this is like the old conflict between galileo's proven scientific beliefs and the church. people dont like it when scientific breakthough's, conflict with another's beliefs.

Orthodox big-money medicine resents and seeks to neutralize and/or destroy those who challenge its beliefs.

an example of this is when william reich was sent to prison after consistently saying that orgone has proven health benefits.

he wasnt given a fair chance. there were too many criticisms regarding his discoveries from groups such as the media and government bodies.
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