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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
on the book-good that you do see that

many do that or they put some other being channeled or otherwise in to it as if that gives them credibility

Others have gotten some insight from it-but again I refrain and restrict my studies in some areas-I C the accumulation of information at times is a mere distraction

better to sit silently apart from the fracas and discern. Many are easily bored...others struggle with the silence...but clarification is enlightening if one sticks with it.

Ciao hf

I used to channel(not entities) - you remember - with the big knob on the old tv's. And looking at my cue ball- all I see are chalk smudges, thought I saw a swirl once but my thumb erased that idea! LOL
I like the silence - seems to un-encumber the mind, lets the gears turn more efficiently,it truly is golden.
You're right about chemistry sets - even trying to supplies. My 5 yr old grandson & I are "discovering" PH and acid-base reactions at the present.
Anyway I just wanted to wish you a merry christmas.
GOD bless you and yours. u2efine
BTW; Check my sig - is it ok to use an excerpt from one of your post's?
Also I didn't get your e-mail, filters removed, pls try again.
 Quoting: BatBoy

May you have an incredible New Year...full of promise and revelations.

come the fall...next year would be a GREAT time to Transform ones inner awareness-the ability to do so will be pronounced...scorp haters will really be feeling the 'heat'...

I will send e-mail again but not at the moment-working on some graphics...and cannot pull myself away, was just checking in as I have been sparse Here...

No problem using it I am honored that you can appreciate the sentiment.

I have been involved with the graphics and I have a learning curve to embrace. :)

It is one thing to draw or even do calligraphy free hand and quite another to adapt my 'caveman' ways to the futuristic contraptions... :) but coming along nicely.

medical tech is one thing...gizmos and widgets another. lol


lots of resources being used for this project-trying to take a shortcut-really create chaos and then try to figure out a way off or out...while the masses are left to suffer the consequences from their usurper ways...

funny group, acting like they are playing a game instead of what they are truly up to...even the ones doing it for some valiant reason are likely being duped to those who have no ethics or any sense of honor...that is the way it goes-the really vile trick the ignorant and gullible...

Someone could have PhD's and still be ignorant...

or they could be a pauper with very little formal education and come forward with great insights...

Take care and enjoy the cooler weather...or cold depending on how one views it...

I am enjoying the snow-unlike my youth when the warmer temps were fine

times change.

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