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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No problem using it I am honored that you can appreciate the sentiment.
You stated that so eloquently,so much nicer than I would have.

gizmos and widgets another.
If their hardware widgets I can comprehend them much easier than software ones. The learning curve is long and hard. Caveman is a good description - I've wanted to club the 'puter more than once !

the really vile trick the ignorant and gullible...
That was me not too long ago - I love researching this stuff but I seem to be drawn to spreading the truth to others more & more - IF only others would free their minds. Still I'm planting "seeds" - some will sprout' some won't.

As for the weather' we're buried in snow - in 6 months we'll be sweating. I'm thankful for each day I'm here.

The jaguar pic - one of yours? I like it.

Best wishes and blessings for the coming year. hf
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