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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

Abba Father does not lie.

As I said

as we go forward they shall continue encountering problems

surely the first Tower of Babel fell

The second towers falling indicated what was to come on the financial arena imho

but some just do not get it-

coolant problems and then the release of helium?...massive amounts and those cryogenics are rather UNFORGIVING unlike Most High...I said they would repeatedly have problems with cooling and coolants-playing with matter and anti-matter is MASSIVE in the HEAT it generates

"The repairs involved installation of new sensing devices to make sure all of the electrical connections are working properly and numerous other safety devices. The entire underground structure had to be superheated in the process and scientists have just been waiting for everything to cool down to a level that will allow the collider to be tested again." That HOT eh???

Who will be paying those carbon taxes???

While we are suppose to believe the earth is being over heated by my exhalation-



goeth before the fall

Thx BB and thanks for the other info...

I am discouraged as they are being allowed to TERRORIZE the world

It is sad they think themselves superior to the whole of the world and what it contains-It is grievous that they MOCK the Most High

really sad.
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