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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All they have to do is switch off the central heating & open the doors & windows to get it cold enuff eh..

Humanity.. so needs for someone clever clogs to come up with super-conductors at room & high temperature.. it would change everything in the way we live. All this time, scientists have been trying to suss out how to get existing conducting materials to operate as superconductors. Well.. the opposite is true. Superconductors at room/high temps will be born out of modified insulators made of light-weight material instead. It's possible to turn an insulator into a high temp superconductor by changing its properties, but how to make the superconductor 'flexible' is the problem right now. It turns out this has already been done using lime as a raw material, an insulator, then exposing it to UV light to convert it into a superconductor, though the lime turns green in colour. The most 'promising' superconductor is to turn an insulator into semi & full superconductors using high freqency phase switching techniques.. but all this is just in the ideas stage. It's obvious, existing conductors are too heavy/mass & heat hungry to work as full superconductors, so converting inulators is the key here.
I wonder how these alien spacecraft make superonductors work?
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