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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
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Complications with Travel through a Kerr Ring

Physicists calculating the logistics of this form of travel find that a traveler may not survive travel through this medium. A light beam which followed an individual would acquire so much energy in the length of the ERB that it would kill the person and create such a high gravitational field that it would close the bridge.
How to Keep an ERB Open

John Wheeler, in 1962, (who first used the term "wormhole") found that an ERB is unstable in space, and if it opened, it would close again instantly, before a photon could travel through it.

An ERB would need a supply of negative energy in order to stay open, through a process such as the Casimir effect, which generates negative energy. Unfortunately, the Casimir effect only generates very small amounts of negative energy.

Physicists speculate that if large amounts of negative energy could be discovered, perhaps by an advanced society, then the creation of an ERB may be possible.
Consulted Works on ERB

This article reviews information from theoretical physicist Michio Kaku's 2004 book Parallel Worlds, published by Anchor Press.

Read more at Suite101: Einstein-Rosen Bridge: Wormholes, Time Travel, and Black Holes [link to astrophysics.suite101.com]

What is the Einstein-Rosen bridge??

The Einstein-Rosen bridge is a geometrical property of a black hole that manifests itself in that on the other side of the black hole another set of dimensions has been attached to the one from our universe.

This makes passage through this bridge and hence into another universe a mathematical possibility.

Actually the geometrical property exists in all black holes; it is called an Einstein-Rosen bridge only for static or Schwarzschild holes though.

There are three basic properties of a black hole: its mass, its spin, and its charge. Once these three are known, the black hole is completely specified.

This is in immense contrast to the sun for example, for which one would have to specify huge amounts of data to completely describe her. A static black hole, that is one of no spin and no charge, is called a Schwarzschild hole.

A black hole whose spin and/or whose charge is non-zero is a Reissner-Nordström hole, which is our object of curiosity. We shall not consider a hole of both charge and spin as this gives the situation an extra twist of difficulty.

The mathematics of the hole of non-zero spin to that of non-zero charge is very similar (the a2, representing the angular momentum per mass, terms would replaced by Q2, representing the charge). However there are important differences.

First of all the immense electric field around a charged hole is so great that the individual atoms arriving at it would be ripped apart long before they would reach the hole, whereas this is not the case for a rotating black hole. Both have a gravitational field of equal magnitude which is powerful, but not in all cases powerful enough to annihilate ordinary matter at a distance.

Another difference is that with the charged hole, one can safely assume a point singularity, that is one can assume that all the matter of the hole is contained in a geometric point and that space-time has completely bent around this point, whereas with a rotating black hole one gets ring singularity, hence a spinning disk.

Since the nature of the electric field around a charged hole leaves all contemplations of inter-universal travel no fertile ground, we shall only consider a rotating black hole.
[link to www.earth62.net]

[link to www.experiencefestival.com]

selection of articles about Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge

[link to astrophysics.suite101.com]

Rodin Coil...pulsed DC...in opposite directions, DC being square wave...

My concerns with what they are creating...

This part wraps up the commentary on the Rodin Coil. It presents ideas and issues about what may be happening in the vortex of the coil.

Omissions: This will be called a Pseudo Einstein-Rosen Bridge because both ends are in the same universe.

The Cern collider is not as they say IMHO
As they seek the 'god particle or the Mathematical Fingerprint of God.(look for the book)

bump for info and reason
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