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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

seems they had a similar problem last yr around this time

the cooling magnets-to keep this somewhat contained...controlling the flow of the beams going around....

playing with fire in Pandoras box-all CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES

The fact that a Shiva statue graces the front of cern on grounds...should not be oVeRlOOkeD

Not in the least...


They are using speed to try and manipulate something that has been transformed or reduced. Unless they distort and transform the fields they will never be able to control valence (or alter or simply remove valence).

They are trying to use a nuke to bust open something that will only open to reductive distortion.

There is a subtle energy in the galaxy that will allow us to do this. Removing valence is scarey stuff...what they are doing is playing shoot em up. They'll get no where. Trust me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 859727

shoot em up in the universe might bring the big dogs in...but tptb are in for a whooping no doubt the 'adults' will not take kindly to it...just saying all the kinetic bombs and sending plutonium around to other planets and playing with time and quantum tunneling and all the crap that can upend...the constant coolant problems and that is a big control measure even with the matter and anti matter that they are playing with...

so why do they have Shiva in front...being this is a "science" experiment and not a spiritual affront to the Most High??? Shiva???

Destruction folks...interdimensional movement...like the chess board...parallel dimensions-other beings beyond your abilities...or your awareness-different conditions.

I am concerned the being stepping through will claim to be some higher being and be duped by demons...seriously

Spiritual warfare is not very understood by most and I sense many will be rather defenseless-not all but MANY. The fact that scientists want to basically own the "god particle" is quite dangerous-and they will not own the Most High-no matter what.


Take care hf
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