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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Thx BB I really appreciate the update as from time to time I mentally exit their staged prpduction to fortify-keeping it simple for a moment

Seems they are KEEpING all their projects close to their lab coats...

coolants will continue to have problems and I am quite concerned with their constant malfunctions-

as if we needed constant chaos or worst chaos to achieve order-

Civa/Siva/Shiva dances-and they have visions of the phoenix rising from the ashes-the ashes they created, the destruction they have wrought against their fellow man/woman/child and even the most egregious, against the Most High with their babylonian towers never to be forgotten-

their symbolism even with 911 was clear-they seek to go from man to ABOVE the MOST HIGH-JUMPING over the Most High and making themselves god over all-

that is the truth-and as they sow so shall they reap-ABUNDANTLY, COMPLETELY, and FULLY SHALL THEY REAP

Alchemy is making a comeback in dark rooms-many are active as transformation is upon many-

under the sign of scorpio we will see tptb quite active...watch as many go into their positions for the last plays-I look forward to their machine continually running into problems...sadly we will not hear much about the actual truth-in most arenas-

Take care
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