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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content

"Do you know the prophecies of Garbandal? 3 days of darkness. The reason is that demons shall be loosed for 3 days upon earth. Is this the porthole/wormhole etc...?"

I am familiar with the Catholics, and the Mary visions--or Conchita, Mali,etc-the apparitions of the 'virgin mary' is relative to catholics as it pertains to their beliefs-the "queen of heaven, the "mother" of god and so on) I avoid idolatry and things that can readily fall prey to trickery-worshipping an apparition or an idol...or one fallen-

I am not very comfortable with so many and their 'visions'-or apparitions-or 'messages' as I have found far too many are easily mislead and my source is solid for me in my life why seek another???

I am not discounting there are those who have them but not confident with accuracy from many and that is critical-

NO ROOM for error-

I do think we could have a 3 day 'dark' period-a stasis kind of moment and many are quite fearful of the "dark"

we have already seen many days when darkness seems prevalent even in the daylight...

and many have been having odd weather and unseasonal weather, the magnetosphere is rather turbulent lately with certain electromagnetics that could become more askew...the patterns fairly regularly indicate a massive flip in polarities is likely

unsettling in many ways

Take care hf

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