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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Well next month is the scheduled restart of the LHC @ 3.5 TeV per beam. 50% of maximum. Not much is being revealed except for the computing grid preparations.
We'll have to wait and see what phenomena they produce this time.
hf bump
 Quoting: BatBoy

They are going to increase the power and run some beams and then increase the power and collide some more beams and then increase the power AGAIN...

Not to be an alarmist but the last big note on high power when they first pushed it up-and then the Norway spiral with what appears to me involvement with the BLUEBEAM in the center, near EISCAT likely-

So when they pushed the power we have an anomaly...not everyday a giant spiral appears in the sky...but spirals are not necessarily bad if it were not so closely tied to Cern, Shiva/Siva/Civa...and HAARP/EISCAT etc...

Too close for comfort when some dismiss it...and now to declare they will go for higher and higher and HIGHER power...and they still claim strangelets will not be an issue or black holes or whatever "they" can control it...really?!?!?! They do NOT even know if it will or will not occur and have even stated they are not sure WHAT WILL HAPPEN...or it could open a portal or vortex or dimensional doorway

With time as a dimensional factor one has to wonder what kind of danger is at hand and already unleashed.

Their scientists have said a dimensional being could come through-Hynek long ago had to discourage that awareness...calling all anomalous happenings of unknown craft "swamp gas" or venus or jupiter...or whatever story they spun to deceive the public about the nature of beings formally called angels or demons...and too many discount the value of older history-with a witness from old who could not even fathom planes or plasma...

They are going to keep CRANKING the power and pushing the safety envelope thinner and thinner(and I do not think most of this plan is safe-with what limited info they do relay)

Take care


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