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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
[link to www.notepad.ch]

25 key answers
to the question why

the CERN LHC has stopped talking about producing Black Holes as their main goal
# the CERN LHC could destroy the Moon and the Sun too
# if Einstein is right, Hawking is wrong and Roessler probably right
# Professor Roessler cannot live with the idea that they will do it
# Professor Roessler wants to be disproved and made a fool
# the military might be the real boss at the CERN LHC
# having many theories on the dangers of the CERN LHC is nice but hurt critics
# all scientists should take the Hippocratic Oath
# no judge has the courage of Mr. Papier, boss of the German Bundesverfassunggericht
# the Bundesverfassungsgericht has disposed itself by its ruling
# Doctor Ellis from CERN apparently has second thoughts
# Prince Charles should chair the security conference
# the current situation at the CERN is a tragic comedy
# a safety conference needs to happen before the CERN LHC is turned on
# the CERN LHC is not responsible for earthquakes
# science has been infected by a psychological disease, a psychiatric symptom
# science is the modern religion already and the CERN LHC is a religious symbol
# Professor Roessler admires Hawking, Einstein, Prince Charles and Walter F. Wagner
# Professor Roessler is the only one who is not critical of CERN on the planet
# the CERN is trying to create 'Un fait accompli'
# this is an occasion, that everybody realizes that it is possible to be as kind as science can be
# the LHC critics movement has already forced the CERN to change strategy several times and thus might win
# the children of the world might ask us the question why
# CERN should tell the young people how beautiful it is to discuss these questions so they could learn that science is based on dialog and on mutual trust
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 863128

They are still PUSHING the VOLTAGE through the ceiling on March 30th I believe they will be shooting for 7 TeV

As I have previously pointed out-we had them start spiking the voltage-MASSIVELY and the first time we had the curious Norway Spiral...with 'bluebeam'...terminating or beginning near an EISCAT installation...so was is real or was it 'Memorex'

Thx for the post very interesting hf
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