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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
How can they say there is no effect when colliding MATTER AND ANTI-MATTER together trying to recreate some "big bang" or God particle(Higgs-Bosen) as though those were hiccups in nature...

They are going to up it from the 3.5 to the 7 on the 30th...exponentially challenging the laws and even provoking the Most High.

In fact, many are threatened if they should SUGGEST that this is having an effect...or will have a much greater detrimental effect...as they go for even higher energy thus ratcheting it up beyond anything KNOWN OR WRITTEN ABOUT BEFORE...no problem

but in cap and trade...are they not planning on taxing my exhalation or flatulence...do they not have a Kotex TAX in their healthcare and taxing anothers' hearing aid...due to resources used or breast pump or whitey tanning bed tax...but the copper they have used and the POWER they consume to do what...a science experiment...sure...you bet.

Time for truth-I am not suggesting the raging increase in tectonic plate activity or volcanic magma is absolutely affected by CERN but I have to wonder how it is purely benign or beneficial to us

SHIVA is posed dramatically in front of CERN, of course that has no bearing on it either...or the fact their detectors are called ALICE...as in the rabbit hole ways are rather DeeP and tWiSTed...to the extreme

Take care...we will need the Most High on our side because they are dabbling with the new tower of Babel...like their new UN locations and building, they are smart...but SLOW learners it would seem.

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