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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
"Meanwhile, kudos to the Taoists, who out of all the various religions, have the most scientific theology. As for me, I got the idea of the Pentany stuck in my head after practicing falun dafa meditation. I started to write a book on it called “Meet the Pentany”. I got 170 pages into it, but then got stuck in the physics chapter because the Hadron collider hadn’t been built yet. Now maybe I can finish it, if I can even find it. Until then, I can share this."

Interesting as I do not label myself under a religious header-or label but had seemed to incorporate the truth through vast studies and do seem to find a fullness in Taoist doctrine...and would like to see more of Falun Gong/falun dafa...as their 3 characteristics are worthwhile.
And the pentany is found in the flower of life, fibronacci, and even alternative medicine fields like traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurvedic is based similarly.

Have you ever looked at a book called the Body as Consciousness by Bruce Burger I think(spelling of berger???)

Very astute

Thx for posting-did you get my mail to you???

I am confused as to why they did not already get this stuff-that is strange to me, afterall these are supposed to be very educated scientists aren't they, and physicists???

Most physicists and quantum scientists do believe it is like a 'god particle' reduced to some measurable or quantifiable "experiment"...
Glad we have survived so far...but I see serious repercussions from what they are playing with...still, but the book sounds interesting.

Take care

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