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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

seems they had a similar problem last yr around this time

the cooling magnets-to keep this somewhat contained...controlling the flow of the beams going around....

playing with fire in Pandoras box-all CHOICES HAVE CONSEQUENCES

The fact that a Shiva statue graces the front of cern on grounds...should not be oVeRlOOkeD

Not in the least...
 Quoting: ShadowDancer
Now Newsweek has barry on the front portrayed as Shiva with six arms...and the title: "God of Everything"

so much symbolism so few scholars

Quantum paradigm shift coming up very soon-as now they think they have "anti matter" trapped-wonder how anti matter feels about that???

They are working for stargates and allowing transdimensional in IMHO

time will surely prove the truth out

I would love to be wrong but the tech is in the wrong hands-those who would abuse the potential, exploiting it even if it consumes the world.

The fact that us went to court to get a judgment that if anything bad happens us cannot be held responsible for the destruction

Talk about 'confidence' rofl and if it is destroyed we cannot sue them...funny guys...frickin hysterical
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