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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Had enough yet???

The Shiva

the falling away revealing the man

The lowered magnetics on the planet will allow the "veils to fully drop" and they will more and more

Magnetosphere is being HAMMERED

and more issues shall become more pronounced-the more they play with the natural order trying to impose their New world ORDER(gW sr vision and assurances they would have it on sept 11, 1990...)the greater the twisting on the planet

Even uSA has already gotten a court verdict that if the world is destroyed from CERN's experiments then the uSA is not responsible-

"The LHC is the first machine of the age of the Singularity, when new advances on technology will create machines of energy (super-colliders) and information (nano-bacteria, A.I.) that vastly overpower the capacity of this planet and the human race to control them. It could produce black holes and strangelets, responsible for Nova explosion that could blow up the Earth, as earlier as 11/9 according to internal documents leaked from the Company, which expects to produce 500 strangelets per month, despite having denied adamantly in public and in Court under oath, such possibility. Now we have a ruling…"
[link to www.cerntruth.com]

many countries have pumped resources into the Cern LHC

and the new ones even more powerful already being built

Just like the movie Contact-the device mirrors certain aspects of Tesla's resonance machines and death rays, and even time travel. And before anyone acts ignorant, the scientists from Cern have said that and admitted they were trying to create Black Holes and also dimensional portals or doorways-to "see what comes through"

Must not of watched enough Twilight Zone or Outer Limits


[link to www2.nict.go.jp]

mens sana in corpore sanum would be a major consideration if one were sane...seems too many are clearly out of balance
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