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Message Subject Cern Power___Colder than Space
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
- "The present surge in earthquake and volcano activity might be anthropic. 2010 is statistically the highest year on record on earthquakes for all categories, except for the man-made surge during II world war carpet bombing in 1943.

- If we consider only the statistics for April there is a further surge for 2010. But what has humanity done this April 2010, to create fluctuations in the gravitational and magnetic fields of the earth responsible for magma motions that cause earthquakes? Very simple: we have switched on what is today the strongest gravitomagnetic field on this planet, the Large Hadron Collider.

- Since this machine that could latter in the decade at higher energy/mass produce strangelets (Pb-pb collisions) and black holes (over 10 Tev collisions), is today the strongest gravitomagnetic field on Earth. Since Earthquakes, like avalanches, are released by a butterfly effect, the initial change on the gravitational and magnetic fields of the Earth to trigger the release of the potential energy stored in a fault is minimal, below the power of the LHC’s gravitomagnetic fields."
[link to www.cerntruth.com]


The Corruption by Corporate Science of the Truth:

"Let us imagine for a minute that the creation of quark-gluon explosive liquids were happening in secret Iranian Labs and the naked truth were told to the world: the LHC is just a factory of quark explosives, nothing more, nothing else. And to study a nuclear explosive is not revealing anything at all, but merely exploding CERN, Geneva and if stable probably the rest of us. This simple, naked truth however buried in a ton of marketing cannot, it seems, to penetrate the thick, automaton, don’t worry be happy, we must go on, be positive, be positive, stampede of physicists’ zealots in search of the Saint Grail of mechanical energy.

But there is also a more scary truth about the evolution of machines beyond the levels of energy and information, mankind can stand. As we transfer our evolutionary form to a new generation of intelligent machines and super-powerful weapons we become atrophied and substituted by them.

Thus, as Machines enter the age of the Singularity, evolving faster into organic forms (robots, nano-bacteria, A.I., self-feeding ‘quark/planetary bombs’), we humans become ‘interfaces’ attached to them, weaker and less intelligent each generation." [link to www.cerntruth.com]
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