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Message Subject If this is the real interview with the roswell alien we´re fucked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Cliff notes

We are spiritual beings imprisoned on earth.
Provoked amnesia and reincarnation assures keeping us in a slave state. The aliens are not interested in us but dont want the earth destroyed. Spiritual beings cannot be destroyed hence imprisonment of undesirables. Criminals, perverts, crazy people as well as artists, free thinkers, non conformers. The gest is that there are loads of "is-be´s" spiritual beings that are in conflict.

No concepts of good or evil nor religion. The universe is created by is-be´s. We are prevented from uniting and regaining our powers as spiritual beings.
As long as this amnesia continues we will be imprisoned.

The "Old empire" is the "enemy" of "The Domain"
We are imprisoned by the old empire.

Our only way out is by raising our consciousness and work together.
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