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Message Subject If this is the real interview with the roswell alien we´re fucked!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I just started to read it! Quite long..

Is it so bad?????
 Quoting: WORRIED 433350

Hmmm well...

The Domain will be here in about 5000 years.
The problem will prolly be solved then.
On a lighter note, the last old empire basis were removed from this area of space 1000 years ago. From that time people start to slowly remember. Thats why all the developments and growth in the last 3000 years. More and more people start to remember. The amnesia machine is still working however and wont be destroyed until the domain arrives.

The old domain influences we have to deal with right now are the old domain is-be´s that are also trapped here. They also forgot what everything is about and just keep up "the old empire attitude" because they dont know any better, just like the rest.

The answer is becoming aware of what is going on to be able to consciously break the amnesia barrier and flee.
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