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Message Subject If this is the real interview with the roswell alien we´re fucked!
Poster Handle gsbltd
Post Content
I would caution against dismissing this material as fiction, especially those who authoritatively believe in a specific God as their faith is merely that.

The body of excerpted text presented above is clearly the work of a skilled author; whether that original author was a Mrs. MacElroy or Lawrence R. Spencer remains to be exhaustively analysed, debated and digested... and -as already indicated- even then the truth may not be discerned. I am reminded of another author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who crafted a fictional[?] character named Sherlock Holmes. The reality of that personae too, has been debated for nearly 100 years and continues to this day.

I'm sure I will enjoy this new tome as much as I've enjoyed Doyle's over the years.
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