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Message Subject Did Bob Dylan make a deal with the devil?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Perhaps "chief commander of this world" and the "unseen" world is a poetic reference to God and NOT the devil. God is the source of all talents and gifts come.

Notice the interviewer says - "I'm AFRAID to ask you who you made this deal to"

They both have a good chuckle...

Wake up man, it's right in front of your nose.

He's obviously NOT talking about God.

And the bible says in several places that Satan is the lord of this world, among believers it is well known that when one speaks of "The lord of this world" that one is NOT talkng about God...

And this interview it is implied and obvious that the man is not speaking of God.

How much more obvious can you get then this?

And still people simply refuse to see the truth staring them right in the eye...

You poor, poor suckers...

Seduced with pretty faces and nice sounding music, yet too stupid to see what lies behind the glitter, it's sad really that your souls are so easily bought, so weak...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 331409

So what you're saying is that anyone that has a comfortble life is evil? Then why are we here, to suffer? Then why is God fucking with us, and how is he any better than his fallen minions, if all he wants to do is make the innocewnt walk on water to get anything worth having in life, but you have to sell your soul to do it. I'm really sick of this good cop/bad cop tagteam. Fuck the whole thing.
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