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Crazy New Crop Circle!!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 365558
Czech Republic
07/27/2008 07:52 AM
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Re: Crazy New Crop Circle!!!!
Unbelievable! Thanks for the updates Paradigm.


No prob hbh,

I have been looking at the original and the update for some time now. Clearly the update shows the sun expanding ang engulfing both mercury and venus. Also there is a weird center mark on earth, which up to this point through pic analysis seems to be a bar running from pole to pole with a circle where the core would be. Interesting. I wish they would have taken closer pictures

*update: Its not a line with a center circle its a crescent, I analyzed the closer pice and i think it is the moon phase...then low and behold the did take a closer pic of it

This is earth: [link to www.cropcircleconnector.com]

A crescent with a spire
 Quoting: Paradigm

The shape of the moon phase looks like max. 4 days old moon.
But 2012/12/21 will be 7-8 days old.

Maybe it is only symbol of the growing crescent.