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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Path_No_Logical_Ire
Post Content
I started hearing tones and hums the first week in February.
Shortly after that, I started randomly noticing small orbs of light around me as another member posted. Then one night I was on the puter and a brilliant orb the size of a bowling ball came through the wall adjacent to my desk and scared the hell out of me.

My wife was also in the room, but had fallen asleep on the couch and my reaction woke her up. I had been researching the orb phenomenon and spirit guides earlier that evening and joked aloud that mine must have taken early retirement. I felt hypersensitive and tingly the rest of the night and still had goosebumps when I went to bed.

The next morning I felt more at ease and I had decided that the orbs could only be here to help me. Not long after that, I felt an orb pass near the back of my head as I sat at my desk. I managed to remain calm and then something wonderful happened. The best way to describe it is that I received a download through the top of my head. The energy ran all throgh my body and this awesome feeling lasted about five minutes.

That night we took some digital photos in the back yard playing with our little dog. I uploaded some of these to a photobucket account along with some others we took on a different night that were still in the memory. In one of the pics it was snowing, but the camera captured more than just snowflakes:

[link to s483.photobucket.com]

The rest are from a different night when the sky was clear and I tried to photgraph the moon (near the center of the shot):

[link to s483.photobucket.com]

My wife set the timer on this one and you can see an orb in great detail on the right side:

[link to s483.photobucket.com]

I would like to see others of you post your results... you might be surprised at what/who is lurking around near you!
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