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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Gannon
Post Content
Why is this thread from 2008 still being posted to?

It's underground tunnel boring machinery

I've heard them before, it's been a while since

 Quoting: Sir.Kalin

Because the HUM is still here, and some of us are discovering ways to mitigate our sensitivity to it...which seems to keep many from sleeping soundly...or thinking clearly.

If I don't wear my Mac's solid silicone Earplugs, I cannot have a good day. Simple as that.

I didn't start adding stuff until page sixteen, but someone copied something from earlier a few pages back that was quite pertinent to the analysis and discovery.

The HUM is real, and while there MAY be underground boring goin' on, that is not the whole story...not by a long shot!

If that were the case, then my friend who makes the one of the best AC purifiers for residential and studio use would NOT have been warned by his coffeehouse friend about the secret government research that was done at the UofC-Berkeley.

AND...all of the Tesla-technology and ELF wisdom I gleaned from my New Moon dreams four years ago would not be pertinent information. So, don't go trying to kill this thread with your misunderstanding or simple answers.

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