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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle laurarose44
Post Content
For the past month or so I have been hearing a very low level humming sound. No one else hears it and I'm starting to wonder WTF is going on. I hear it mostly at night and early morning, because I'm guessing it's the quiet time of the day (night).

This humming is not constant, it sounds like an electric motor trying to cycle. I've turned off all the curcuits in the house so I know it's not from within the house. I can even hear it when I'm out in the woods or at the neighbors house.
It's really starting to bug me out!

And no it's not tinnitus.
 Quoting: bugging out 433091

thanks good to know i am not the only one.
in talking to people orund here (near border of central mecixo south tx)
i hve heard this sound amny times for many years
but these past gew nights things have gotten pretty strange
i have been trained in working iwth electronics about certain sounds.
but come on i am with you what theF!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have to ware ear plugs to get to sleep
as ir reminds me of the horrors of when a new sub devisition was being built only 150 yrds form my last apprt in austin practally killed my heathy
how does a simple sound turn into such a anoying thing.
i pretend it is only the guys on the highway or down town oh yeah we dotn have a free way or a town
us who know what we are hearing are in a clsass of our own
i found only one person in this little town of 3000 that knows what i mean
al the satlite just went out for few miutes that negver happened
maybe its ghosts that are beign disturbed adn they are trying to tessla us away
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