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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle D'Mint
Post Content
OK, some interesting news.

I've tried a few things, including those silicone ear plugs to soaking my head. Literally.

Positive results all around, although I'm not sure the mechanism that might explain 'why'...but it has to do with the auditory perception system.

I know I'm over-sensitive to this hum, and have other perceptual curiosities that have allowed me some infamy in my industry and with my clients. I get to play with very high-end hifi gear, because it seems I perceive enough to set the stuff up to get the most out of it.

Plus, I experiment endlessly on everything, due my Asperger's Sydrome and very busy brain.

So...back to the hum at hand. A few years ago, a shaman in Taos told me that I needed to soak in epsom salts for spiritual as well as physical reasons. I had largely forgotten this advice, until I was able to fix my new girlfriend's tub...as with MOST people, she is a showerer not a soaker (although I'm very quickly re-introducing her to this beautiful inexpensive daily 'spa vacation' treatment and meditation/prayer!).

As I prayed about this hum...first in desperation in order to just make it go away because it bugged me, which morphed into a spiritual struggle where I toyed with returning this energy to its source to bring the propogators to their senses and tug at their consciences to help them see the light...then in acquiesence to learn if it was only nefarious or if it could be turned to a 1000 times positive (which the Maker I serve just LOVES to do, apparently, with even the most negative of plans and actions), and finally for WISDOM to know more about the whole phenomena (which is probably where I should've started in the FIRST place, but desperation usually doesn't immediately appeal for inner growth!).

I was 'sent' on a series of experiments, some of which I've detailed here already. The silicone earplugs work for the worst of night-time distractions, allowing me to sleep through the night without being awoken periodically (which oddly and distubringly happened exactly on the hour, usually near three or four in the morning) AND oddly causing my ongoing sinus infection to be more tame.

THAT sinus stuff led me back to the soaking in Espom Salts...which back when I was doing it regularly, I learned how to let it fill my sinus cavity underwater and heal the raw tissue from my continual nose blowing from some infection caused by a weakened immune system. I've known for a long time that I needed to address this cause, but going through the intestinal cleanse and required dietary focus has been WAY more than I could put energy to.

Yesterday, when I finally dared to do it...the first time out above the waterline, the hum was simply GONE. I know it was still there, because I could still 'feel' the pressure...but that annoying and bothersome audible noise was simply not there, as long as there was some water still in my sinus cavity...perhaps equalizing the pressure on the eardrum or other parts of the complex and mysterious hearing sense of ours.

I checked again today, and absolutely the annoyance is GONE after soaking...although the sensitivity to the noise returns in small doses as things dry out. I believe the sinus infection, perhaps coupled with the immune system imbalance, put my head into a pressure condition which makes the hum THAT much more audibly annoying to the point of abject distraction.

I am now on an immune system restoration plan, but these things usually take weeks and this is only halfway through day one.

I will continue the Espom Salt soaks, and have the chance to sample the state of hum in San Diego over the weekend. I will be able to soak and such there and will report as anything dawns upon me.

I sincerely hope this helps some of y'all cope with this...and I need to mention that my solutions do NOT negate the probability that this hum is part of the mass mind control...since I know of MK-Ultra experiments to this effect and that even as recent as ten years ago academics bound by non-disclosure agreements with the government (due the nature of their research) were still playing with the induction of tones through the electrical grid which would be perceived by the senses beyond our most blatant five.

Cheers and more from VERY chilly and relatively snowblind Detroit...
 Quoting: Gannon

microwaves are effectively blocked by metal and absorbed by water. microwaves emitted from cell towers are causing you this problem, water is why soaking helps. after you dry out it will come back. wear a shielded cap/hat or stick aluminium on your walls and ceiling. goodluck
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1285974

Very interesting post i will have to try this.
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