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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Gannon
Post Content
The fan is another harmonic component of the chordal structure that affects the mere human perceptual machine. But it is NOT the core problem, or it would simply go away when you turn your computer off. You DO turn your computer off occasionally, doncha?! LOL!

In our household, this has reached a crisis point twice in the past ten days. Last night's episode was the worst. While I'm learning to deal with this, my partner's stress at work has been increasing...and when she is in her TV room with the old hifi I recently installed (with three subwoofers handling various portions of the etrememly low frequencies, one only for movie soundtracks)...she is attacked by the buzz caused by her old home's bad grounding (actually, the house has mostly two-prong receptacles throughout, which I'm gradually upgrading).

When I say attacked, I mean that specifically. She was reduced to a vibrating mass of jello last night, and was a sobbing mess. I know this was amplified by the effects of the Full Moon, but it was the aggregate of the AC hum, the hifi buzz, and the high-frequency squeal (probably from the cellular system).

As I said before, some gent was interviewed on NPR about his chordal analysis of office areas...showing how three frequencies could add up to seriously negatively affecting the humans stuck in that space for at least 8 hours a day. He proved that the hum of the HVAC system, the whir of the computer fans and hard-drives, and then the ringing of the phone system could create a modern version of what the Church called the Devil's Chord...someone will know what it is in music, I always forget, but it is a minor 4th or something like that...which has been PROVEN to alter the mood in every human who encounters it.

So, as I said, the hum itself is government created...and propogated through the AC system. I know this from my contacts within the hifi industry, where I was the Technical Editor of a major national magazine for a while last decade.

The Schumann Resonance is real, and necessary for human co-ordination and synchronization of our personal time bubbles or capsules...and since it is pervasive, that would always be the foundational tone of this chord.

We will find that the hum and cell tower squeal create a Devil's Chord. Of that I have little doubt. And the 60-cycle frequency of our electrical grid in NA, or the 50-cycle one in Europe, is a portion of this effect as well. I suspect those end up being filters that cap the height of our personal resonances...and I'm NOT saying they were created with this intent, I believe it was discovered later. It was merely convenient that it worked this way.

So...yeah, lotsa words again...I tend to write a bunch in the hopes of being fully understood, and the ideas in my brain are way more plentiful than I can ever communicate. Sorry for the novella...but there is substance to this, and it is WAY more complex than some simple environmental noise.

Cheers from sunny Detroit today...
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