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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Gannon
Post Content
Oh, and the SOLUTION to my honey's crisis last night was two-fold...remove the stimulii then go into spiritual warfare and healing. I don't CARE if anyone wants to debate that, I don't engage ignorance willingly.

First, we got out of that room, after I turned off the hifi to prove to her that it was part of the problem, which she agreed and came down a notch from her edge. I then took her upstairs to her bedroom and had her put in those silicone Mack's earplugs to cut the outside Hum energy input (which is throughout the house and even outdoors), then prayed earnestly for a while until she was able to finally get to sleep.

I felt two distinct instances where the prayer took effect, and would NOT leave her side until her severe shaking went away. It was NOT any form of medical emergency, or I would've taken her to the hospital, so none of you internet diagnosers need to add your two-cents!

IF the shaking would've gone on very long, after removing the triggers and outside energy, then I would've known it was more than I suspected, but deep down I knew I was on the right track...because I've taken the same steps to reduce MY anxiety with this Hum.

This morning she awoke with an apology, how embarrassed she was over last night's incident. My immediate reply was that she needn't be ashamed of anything...and she WASN'T going crazy. She is the 'normal' one in this relationship! LOL.

Cheers, I hope this helps someone...
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