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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle dj6927
Post Content
Yah, the part about the mountains actually scared me. When I got out there, I thought it would be beautiful and peaceful, and it was except for that hum. I thought that OMG, this is in my head and work has finally got to me because I work near machines that are screaming every frequency you can think of. There is nothing within at least 40 miles of where we were in the mountains.
I've read everybodys letter on this thread. So many of them describe things I feel and things I've done.
One person mentioned cleaning their ears out with hydrogen peroxide. I had done that prior to hearing the hum which made me think that I had harmed my eardrums.
I looked up the Taos Hum on You Tube and that describes it exactly.
That made me think of my daughter. A little more that 2 months ago, I went into her room because she was crying. She said "do you hear that sound Dad?". After listening, I told her that what she heard was probably the bus going by. But she said, NO, don't you hear it now? I understand now.
I mentioned on You Tube how when the first time I heard it, I walked into our house from the garage and the hum was loud. I looked up at my wife and said, WHAT'S ON? She said nothing's on. So here's me running around thinking one of the kids is in the shower or a fan is on.
When I couldn't find anything, I put my ear to the wall. As soon as I did that, the hum was gone. I figured that there must be something out back. As soon as I went out the door, the hum was gone again. What the hell?
So know I'm starting to over-analyze everything. I've always been able to hear the compressor on the fridge, the pump for the underfloor heating, the transformer on the furnace air duct, the toilet leaking, the computer, etc. But these are all things I can find.
It kind of ticks my wife off. She asks, "you can hear all that, but you can't hear me yelling if I need you to bring me a roll of toilet paper?" I think that's "selective hearing".
This hum seems to be "inside my head" like others have said.
Hopefully it does have to do with my daughter and me being sick (sinuses). Otherwise, I'm going to go mad wondering if this is a frequency being broadcast somehow, or if there are machines drilling or what can it be?
It's very low now, but it's always there. I wonder if I'm just getting used to it.
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