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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle The mystery continues...
Post Content
Hey , 2 posts up , dude from Canada ....

I may be wrong , but I think you are hearing a sweeper truck ....the noise will pulse , and outside noise will mask the sound , so unless its withen a few streets of home , you will only hear it inside .....the noise penetrates double glazing and sound insulation ...and drives you insane ....
I suggest you listen to it for as long as possible ...and wait to hear it powering down ...they will stop for smoko eventually ...

Here in CHCH New Zealand "earthquake central" , the trucks sweep at night because they are on contract , and can do it faster , forget the fact they aint allowed to lol
Ive traced a truck that I heard startup at 3am via GPS , it was over 7 km's from home as the crow flys
If the sound baffles are worn , OMG , 20 kms isnt far enough .......
Being lower frequency , and tonal it travels MILES ....
You sometimes get the whine , other times a low randomly pulsing um um um um a little like a deisel idling , but not quite as deep
 Quoting: Graham 658200

Thanks for your suggestion but I hear this sound pretty much any time I'm home, whether it's faint or loud. Haven't actually seen a "sweeper" up here in a long time but when we have them, they come out during our summer in July/August/Sept. and I've been hearing this since last January.

I do have a new thought and if anyone knows anything about eletrical harmonics, I'm beginning to think it may have something to so with that. Apparently, with all the new halogen light bulbs people are using as well as dimmer switches and other devices, a harmonic wave can be created in the regular current of electrical supply in residential areas. I'm no physicist but as I understand it, one of the symptoms of this is a humming noise...It is being carried through the electrical supply. If this is being caused outside my home, I might still hear it even when my own power is off. I'm considering consulting with an electrician because this thing really sounds like a mechancal/electrical noise of some kind. It's probably something really stupid or common but damned if I can figure it out and it's SO annoying!
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