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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Mark504
Post Content
Hello I would like to say thanks to all that has been airing there views about this ?? Well letís call it a ongoing project. Have any of you noticed how people are around you when itís playing hard. Or even youíre self. When itís off? This started in or around the last part of the 80's. I believe that around 1995 it was changed over to a new way of transmitting and has been being tested since then. The problem is that two years ago they got the hardware to quit breaking down so now itís on at some level all the time. Yesterday here it was down on the upper side of the tone. You could hardly here the low side. Yes there is to tones. If you are musical inclined plug one ear at a time. You can here the different octaves. The right ear if press hard sound as if Morse code is playing. You hear the low side with the high side bouncing off and on. Many people have come close but the puzzle pieces are there. Didnít anyone see the report that crime was down 5% in the US a couple of weeks ago? They said that they didnít understand why. And true it donít make since when the economy is bad. The weather how many times was it louder when it rained or a heavy fog? Howís your intuition? have you notice your own radar being down? Or doing things you normally wouldnít do? I farm here and have horses I know for a fact that when itís not running I get better response from them than I do when it playing hard. My dog Ií am sure is effected by it as well. Thereís a lot more that I will tell. Bear with me and pay attention to those around you and you surroundings. Mark .
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