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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Gannon
Post Content
My friend hears two tones sometimes, like a low frequency harmonic thing happening.

Is that what you are hearing?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 475501

yes im also hear two tones low and high only when its quiet and theres no other noise around but but as soon as there is another sound no mater how loud or quiet it could be a pin drop and it cancels it out I live in nj and ive bien hearing this on and off for 2 years
 Quoting: Skuless 5454220

I am also hearing 2 distinct tones- one higher pitched and the other like a low oscillating tone.
My big issue is that it's so loud to me I have to turn up the TV or computer to drown it out!
My hearing is ultra sensitive anyway since I can hear those stupid electronic devices that you plug into the wall to scare off mice & bugs, so this is nuts!
I live on the Maryland-Delaware border and my cousin who lives in SE Ohio hears it as well and she lives in the middle of nowhere where nothing could be making the noise!
Also an added note- I have found wireless signals in parts of my house even when I cut the power off. The IR detector fluxuates especially higher parts of the house near the roof.
Could this be some sort of high end IR fields causing the noise as well???
 Quoting: Risqman

Same thing happening in Detroit. I've been adding up a few loose hints and tidbits and believe we're onto something...some of it done on purpose to disturb sleep and get the population reliant upon various forms of medication. Some nightmare-inducing in a real-life version of the cartoon-movie Monster's, Inc. That one is tough to explain.

As for your measurements, please tell me you are actually measuring RF. If you've got IR in hidden places, we've taken an odd turn.

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