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Message Subject What the FUCk is this HUMMing SOund
Poster Handle Graham
Post Content
Ive posted this before , but will repeat it for those who missed it ...
Here in Christchurch NZ , Ive discovered the noise - warbling often 2 toned hum/whine to be vacuum units on the back of sweeper trucks ...in the dead of night the noise can travel 10 miles if the vehicals noise baffles are worn .. 5 miles if in good condition

Pinpointing the source once outside is near impossible , but I got lucky with GPS data and a friendly contracts manager of a local sweeping company ......

They were sweeping the Central Business District at night , this has since ceased with the vast "50%+" distruction of the CBD by a series of powerful earthquakes reaking havoc on the city ....God bless Mother Nature ......mind you , I'd sooner wake to a whine/hum than to the house being smashed to death on a regular basis lol .......closing in on 10,000 aftershocks now argh
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